PT. Turbin Energi Indoasia (Teindo) is a rental, supplier of electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation control company for any projects : Oil and Gas, Power Plant, Mining, Building, Medical, Villa & Resort, Industries, Transportation.


Material :

1. Measurement meter, Monitoring & Control, Data logger : using internet, Mobile Phone, PC

2. Digital Panel Meter, Timer, Counter

3. Building Smart System, Security & GPS, Safety/Fire Suppression

4. Heater for : Oil, Gas, HVAC, Power Plant, Industries

5. Turbine, Engine, Generator, Motor/Pump, Testing, Filter, Fuel Management System

6. Meter & Sensors, UPS & Batteries

7. H2 (hydrogen) & Zero Air Generator, Steam Generator / Boiler, Burner

8. Compressor & Vacuumn, Blower

9. Luxury material : Ceiling Fan, Lighting (Pool, Indoor, Landscape)

10. Testing equipment : Laboratories, Industries, Medicine, Chemical

11. Bus bar

12. Transportation : Farm Tractor, Golf Car

13. Spareparts

Service : Maintenance, Installation, Testing and Meter

For Performance Test Online Continuously that able to save operation cost and get more profit, measurement and testing for the machine (turbine, engine, boiler, compressor), we collaborated with company from America, Europe and Japan. We prepare the product and service, solution/software as well. For Retrofit (Gas/Steam Turbine), we collaborated with USA company.

PT. Turbin Energi Indoasia is available to support in Project : Engineering, Drafting, Consultation